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Description Condition Units Available Price
53220A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 53220a Universal Frequency Counter/timer Frequency Counters Are Depended On In Research And Development And Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
53230A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 53230a Universal Frequency Counter/timer Frequency Counters Are Depended On In Research And Development And A Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
5361B Agilent
Agilent 5361b Frequency Counter Offers Both High Precision Pulse And Cw Performance Up To 40 Ghz (20 Ghz Standard). With Built-in Frequency Modula Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
537A Agilent
Agilent Hp 537a Frequency Meter Is An Easy-to-use, Reliable Meter To Measure Frequency Accurately. Hp 537a Direct Reading Frequency Meter Meas Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
5385A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 5385a Frequency Counter Utilizes Interpolar Enhanced Reciprocal Counting To Provide Outstanding Performance At A Low Cost. Agilen Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
5386A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 5386a Frequency Counter Agilent / Hp 5386a Frequency Counter Offers Prescaled Measurements To 3 Ghz Bas Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54007A Agilent
Agilent 54007a Accessory Kit Is Designed For Precision, Low-loss Tdr/tdt Measurements, Calibration And Analysis, Using The Agilent 86100a Infiniiu Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54122T Agilent
Features And Specifications Of The Hp 54122t Include: Bandwidth Up To 12.4 Ghz 4 Channels  10 Ps Time Interval Accuracy  0.25 Ps Time Interval R Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54610B Agilent
Agilent Hp 54610b 20 Msa/s 500 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope Offers The Look And Feel Of Analog And The Power Of Digital. With Its Horizontal Accurac Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54615B Agilent
Agilent Hp 54615b Oscilloscope Features: 1 Gs/s Simultaneously On 2 Channels 500 Mhz Analog Bandwidth 1 Ns Peak Detect Optional Expansion Modul Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54641D Agilent
Agilent 54641d Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Is 2+16 Channel, 350 Mhz Mso, With Two Scope Channels And 16 Logic Timing Channels, Uniquely Combines The Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54645A Agilent
Agilent Hp 54645a Oscilloscope Features: Dual Channel 100 Mhz Frequency Sample Rate Of 200 Msa/s 1 Mb Of Memory Per Channel Deep Memory Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54645D Agilent
Agilent 54645d 100-mhz 200-msa/s Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Seamlessly Integrates Logic Channels Into An Oscilloscope To Offer New Measurement Capa New 1 Instant Quote
54657A Agilent
Agilent Hp 54657a Measurement Storage Module With Gpib Interface Works Directly With The Hp 54600x Series Of Oscilloscopes. It Offers 19 Diffe Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54659B Agilent
 , Agilent 54659b Rs-232 & Parallel Measurement Storage Module Is Compatible With Agilent 54600b-series Scopes And The Agilent 54645a/d. Agilen Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54754A Agilent
Agilent 54754a, Agilent 54754a Provides Two 18-ghz Channels That Have Built-in Tdr Step Generators. Two Channels May Work In Tandem To Prov Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
54845A Agilent
Agilent 54845a Infiniium Oscilloscope Has Four Channels, 1.5 Ghz Frequency, 8 Gsa/s Sampling Rate And Offers The Versatility And Performance Requi Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
59511A Agilent
Nearly Identical To The Hp 59510a Power Supply Relay Device, The 59511a Provides Additional Relays For Polarity Reversal. 59511a Relay Device Is D Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6012A Agilent
Agilent 6012a Autoranging Power Supply Provides Maximum Output Power Capability Over A Wide And Continuous Range Of Voltage Or Current. Funct Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6024A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6024a Auto-ranging Power Supply Can Provide 200 Watts Over A Wide And Continuous Range Of Voltage And Curcombination With Maximu Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6030A Agilent
Agilent 6030a Dc Power Supply Offers Essential Features For A Tight Budget. Single-output, Autoranging 1200w agilent 6030a provides Analog / R Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6033A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6033a Is Part Of The 603x Family Of Power Supplies Which Provide A Wide And Continuous Range Of Output Voltage And Curlevels At Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6035A Agilent
Agilent 6035a Power Supply provides Analog / Resistance Control Of Output Voltage And Current, Series And Auto-parallel Connections Of Multiple Su Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6038A Agilent
Agilent 6038a, Agilent 6038a Power Supply Is A Basic Dc Power Supply That Offesr Essential Features For A Tight Budget. Single Output, Auto Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6114A Agilent
Agilent Hp 6114a 40-watt Precision Power Supply Is A High-accuracy Instrument Designed For Use As A Low-cost Calibrator, A Working Voltage Standar Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6186C Agilent
Agilent 6186c Constant Curand Voltage-limit Power Supplies Offer Exceptional Regulation And Stability. Typical Applications Include Resistivi Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6205C Agilent
Agilent Hp 6205c Dual-output Power Supply Is Equipped With 10-turn Output Voltage Controls, Volt-ampere Meter, Meter Function And Range Switch, An Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6269B Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6269b Power Supply, Part Of The Line Of Constant-voltage/constant-curpower Supplies, Achieves High Efficiency, Excellent Regulat Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6284A Agilent
Agilent Hp 6284a Power Supply Has Separate Coarse And Fine Voltage And Curcontrols That Allow The Voltage And Curoutputs To Be Varied Fr Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6433B Agilent
6433b Power Supply Is A Scr Based Regulated Supply Which Provides Good High Curoutput Capability But Also Outputs A Slight Amount Of Ripple. Refurbished 2 Instant Quote
6552A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6552a Power Supply Is A 500w, 20v, 25a single Output Power Supply, Designed To Increase Test Throughput With Fast Up- And Downprogram Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6553A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6553a Power Supply Agilent / Hp 6553a Power Supply Is A 525w Single Output Power Supply That Is Flexible Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66103A Agilent
Agilent 66103a Power Module Offers 150w Of Output Power, Gpib Control, And was Designed For Automated Testing That Helps Meet Changing Requirement Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6611C Agilent
Agilent 661xc Series System Dc Power Supply Is An Ideal Power Source For Demanding Production Test Applications. Dc Power Supply Offers High Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6612B Agilent
Agilent 6612b, Agilent / Hp 6612b Power Supply features A Small, Compact Size For Bench And System Use, Fast, Low-noise Outputs, And Dual-range Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6612C Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6612c Power Supply Agilent / Hp 6612c Power Supply Offers Speed And Accuracy For Test Optimization And It Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6622A Agilent
Agilent 6622a 0w, Dual-output Power Supply Is A Versatile Solution To Help Improve System Accuracy And Reduce Test Time In A 3u High Package. Fea Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6623A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6623a Power Supply Is A High Performance Dc Power Supply That offers Specifications And Accuracy For Test Optimization. Agilent / Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6625A Agilent
Agilent 6625a Power Supply Is A Precision Multiple Output, 25w - 50w Gpib Power Supply That Provides Fast, Low-noise Outputs, Dual-range, Precisio Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6626A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6626a Is A Precision Power Supply, 25w Or 50w With Quad Outputs. Agilent / Hp 6626a Power Supply Helps To Reduce Test Time With F Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6628A Agilent
Agilent 6628a, Agilent 6628a Power Supply Is A High Performance Dc Power Supply Which Offers Spec And Accuracy For Test Optimization. Preci Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
6629A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 6629a high Performance Dc power Supply offers Spec And Accuracy For Test Optimization, Advanced Programmable Features And Protection Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66309B Agilent
Agilent 66309b Dual Output Mobile Communications dc Source Provides Two Outputs For Testing Both The Main Battery Power And The Battery Charger Ci Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66309D Agilent
Agilent 66309d Dual Output Mobile Communications Dc Source Provides Two Outputs For Testing Both The Main Battery Power And The Battery Charger Ci Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66311A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 66311a Dc Source Agilent / Hp 66311a Mobile Communications Dc Source Provides High Throughput, Exception Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66311B Agilent
Agilent / Hp 66311b Mobile Communications Dc Source Is A Precision Measurement Instrument That Provides Fast Transient And Exceptional Sourcing Ca Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66311D Agilent
Agilent / Hp 66311d Dc Source Agilent / Hp 66311d Mobile Communications Dc Source Provides High Throughput, Exceptiona Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66312A Agilent
Agilent / Hp 66312a Dynamic Measurement Dc Source Provides Dynamic Measurement And Analysis Of Voltage And Curwaveforms. It Is Ideal For Test Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66319D Agilent
Agilent 66319d Dual Output Mobile Communication Power Supply, 15v, 3a W/ Battery Emulation And dvm, Provides 2 Outputs For Testing The Battery Pow Refurbished 1 Instant Quote
66321D Agilent
Agilent / Hp 66321d Mobile Communications Dc Source Agilent / Hp 66321d Mobile Communications Dc Source Provides Fast Refurbished 1 Instant Quote